Milk Thistle Extract

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Milk Thistle Extract

The essentials you need to know about Milk Thistle Extract…

Sure we have all heard about Milk Thistle Extract and that it is great antioxidant, but what do you really know about this product and how can it help your brands and fit into your products.

Generally speaking, the main source of Silybum marianum(L.) Gaertn is cultivated in Northeast of China and Inner Mongolia.

Nowadays, Inner Mongolia and Hei Long Jiang are the main cultivation areas, Inner Mongolia occupies around 80% of the plant area (300,000mu), and Hei Long Jiang occupies around 20% (75,000mu).

Cultivation season: Early May
Harvest season: Aug to Sept

Each year Milk thistle factories can predict the price for next year around July to Aug due to the status of the milk thistle seeds crop. In recent years, the supply of milk thistle seed has been stable and even a bit over supplied.

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