Our Quality Standards

When it comes to quality, we take things very seriously. Our industry requires the purest ingredients, and it is our top priority to provide the best products available. To do this, we invest heavily in our research and development and quality assurance departments.

In-House Testing

Before we release ingredients to our warehouses, we conduct basic testing in our in-house labs, including:

  • Assay
  • Identity
  • LOD
  • Basic analytic test including Ph

Allen Ma is our Director of Quality. With Shanghai Freemen since 2004, Allen manages our in-house lab and oversees all testing. His specially trained Quality Assurance team helps him conduct all testing, plus organizes any testing that needs to be done at other labs in China, Europe, and North America.

Utilizing our In-House testing facility to ensure the purity of our ingredients, Shanghai Freemen clients can trust that the product they receive is of the highest quality.

Third Party Testing

Our partner labs in China, the US, and Europe perform all other ingredient testing. We can also honor our customer’s request for any type of unique testing parameters as well as accommodate request to test at their preferred labs. Some of our partner labs include:



Auditing Team

We won’t put our name on an ingredient if we aren’t 100% sure of its quality. That’s why we perform audits of the manufacturers we represent several times a year. With our location in China, it is very easy for us to perform routine audits several times a year with the manufacturers we represent. This also makes it possible for us to audit and qualify new factories.

How do we do it?

We keep track of each manufacturer’s audit scores as well as the consistency of materials matched against our testing. This helps us identify any inconsistencies with micros, assay, or other key testing parameters.

When we have quality concerns, we immediately address them with the factory. If they don’t make immediate adjustments to bring the product up to our high standards, we will disqualify the factory. Fortunately, this rarely happens, because only the top contenders for each ingredient category have been invited to be one of our partners, and we’ve been doing business with most of them for years.