Our Services and Solutions

We know our industry demands honesty, innovation, and the highest attention to quality, so we offer a unique partnership with our customers. Here are a few of the services and solutions our customers have come to depend on over the last 20 years.

The ingredients you need, when you need them

Our warehouses and distribution centers are strategically placed to provide international support. Since we stock our core product portfolio in each warehouse, you can get what you need, quickly.

Know you’re getting the best quality

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Teams conduct internal audits of each of our manufacturers and use that information to provide guidance and training, so you can trust that the ingredients you receive are in line with current GMP standards. We can also audit a factory before you decide to start using their products, or help you find a third party to conduct the audit for you.

Our service model encompasses Shanghai Freemen’s goal of providing the highest quality ingredients, service and support to our clients. We strive to provide the globe with ingredients necessary to lead healthy lives and to create a healthier world.

We help you keep ahead of market trends

We are market experts and can help you manage volatile products like vitamins and amino acids, an ever-changing manufacturer base, and even geopolitical and environmental issues as they arise.

Be first to market, not first to lawsuit

Whether you’re planning a launch in an uncharted country or trying to achieve a new product certification, our Regulatory Team can guide you through the global intricacies of the system and help you stay on top of changes that could affect your brand.

Remain competitive

Using our market insight and up-to-the-minute intelligence, we can help you produce high-quality products at a fair price. We can also guide develop a purchasing strategy, allowing you to stay competitive in the market and achieve long-term growth.

Gain Peace of Mind

With a team of expertly trained product managers in China working hand-in-hand with manufacturers, you can be confident that you’re receiving the best possible products.

Custom products and services on demand

We have the experience and resources to customize unique blends and specialty products to meet your exacting demands. Here are a few examples of the types of products we formulate for our customers, but we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs.
  • Unique dry blend formulas and application-based powder processing to improve the functionality of products, sensory and stability.
  • Particle size manipulation for application specific product improvement.
  • Whether its spray drying or fluid bed technology, we are experts in specialized granulation and co-granulation for a wide range of applications.
  • Having trouble including a new ingredient into your formula? Our technology support team can help you analyze shelf life stability, activity levels, reactions with other ingredients, light, heat, and even production related issues. Microencapsulation technology is the answer.