As a minority owner of Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co., Ltd., Shanghai Freemen is a strategic distributor of its SoPure brand of stevia products. Zhucheng Haotian is also the world’s largest producer of inositol, a vitamin-like ingredient widely used in the nutritional supplements, food and beverage industries. The factory is committed to manufacturing the highest quality materials at competitive price and that is what we expect from our suppliers and for our customers.


Product Offerings

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Product Name Reb A TSG STV Form
Sopure Stevia Reb A 99% (Non-GMO) 99 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia Reb A 98% (Non-GMO) 98 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia Reb A 97% (Non-GMO) 97 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia Reb A 97% (Non-GMO) (GRAS GRN # 369) 97 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia Reb A 95% (Non-GMO) 95  Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia TSG 95 – Reb A 90% 95 95 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia TSG 95 – Reb A 80% 95 95 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia TSG 95 – Reb A 60% 95 95 Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia TSG 95 – Reb A 50% 95 95  Powder & Granular
Sopure Stevia TSG 95 – STV 75% 95  75%  Powder & Granular

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Featured Products

Our SoPure Stevia is some of the highest quality and most competitively priced on the market

Sopure Stevia Reb A (60-99%) Granular

  • Benefits: A free flowing granular powder that is perfect for dust-controlled environments.
  • Application: Tabletop, powder blends, and all grades of tablet specification

Stevia/Erythritol blends

  • Benefits: Co-processed stevia and erythritol with superb uniformity and no flaking.
  • Applications: Tabletop, sacchet, and powder blends
  • Specifications: Customizable based on sucrose sweetness intensity 1:1, 2:1, 5:1 and 10:1.

Enzyme Treated Stevia

  • Benefits: Helps extend the range of food applications, improves taste, and increases solubility compared to general stevia extracts. Enzyme treated stevia is produced by adding glucose to stevia extracts using glucosyltransferase (transferred glucoses range from 1 to 15).
  • Applications: Beverages and confectionaries
  • Specifications: Plus150 is 150x sweeter than sucrose, and Plus200 is 200x sweeter than sucrose.

Zhucheng Haotian controls its stevia production from seed to extract, and its vertically integrated supply chain provides complete traceability and increases consistency of the stevia and finished extract from lot to lot.  Learn More 

100% Chain Of Custody

  • Seed Selection & Planting (Non-GMO)
  • Harvest, Dry, Test & Grind
  • Extraction (Ethanol Solvent or Water Only)
  • Purification / Crystallization
  • Quality Checks
  • Finished Product


  • 3000 metric ton annual capacity
  • Full line of commercial stevia extracts
  • Dedicated extraction facility
  • Cost Management
  • Innovation
  • GRAS (FDA Notice # 369)

Quality Assurance

  • Raw Material Control System
  • Facilities & Equipment Control System
  • Production System
  • Packaging & Labeling System
  • Laboratory Control System