Joint Health

With a booming population of people over the age of 65, the global demand for effective bone and joint health products has continued to grow. This has led to a focus by manufacturers to develop new and innovative dietary supplements to support this aging demographic and close the space between life expectancy and quality of life expectancy. As a legacy product category Shanghai Freemen has a 20 year track record of manufacturing and distributing the most sought after ingredients in the Joint Health market.

Joint Health Products

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GlucosamineUSP (HCL, KCL, Nacl, powder and granular) Request Info Request Sample
ChondroitinUSP (Shark, Bovine, Porcine, Avian) Request Info Request Sample
Hyaluronic AcidFood Grade (MW 200 - 600 kDa) Request Info Request Sample
Fish GelatinGel Strength (180 - 260 bloom.g) Request Info Request Sample
CollagenChicken, Fish Request Info Request Sample

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