Shanghai Freemen is a combination of a successful history, dedicated and talented employees, highly efficient manufacturing and distribution facilities, superior partnerships all supported by our diverse product catalog. Shanghai Freemen’s vast product offerings consists of some the highest quality products in the market. Our product portfolio is the foundation for our success, let it be the foundation of your success.

Joint Health

With a booming population of people over the age of 65, the global demand for effective bone and joint health products has continued to grow. This has led to a focus by manufacturers to develop new and innovative dietary supplements to support this aging demographic and close the space between life expectancy and quality of life expectancy. As a legacy product category Shanghai Freemen has a 20 year track record of manufacturing and distributing the most sought after ingredients in the Joint Health market.

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In crowded and ever changing market with many options and suppliers, Shanghai Freemen stands out as a trusted supplier with a strong portfolio of vitamins for all your needs. An extensive history in this market and long-standing relationships with our partners allow us to know the ins and outs of what is happening and what is going to happen with each of the products in the vitamin category.

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Herbal health benefits have been have been recognized and utilized throughout human civilization. With this knowledge Shanghai Freemen puts a strong focus on natural botanical health solutions while focusing on the goal of creating a healthier world. Our botanical portfolio led by our 20 years of experience in tea extract manufacturing, gives us a unique and unparallel understanding and insight into this market.

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Amino Acids

Amino Acids are one of the key pieces in the puzzle that makes up the essential proteins that humans need. With growing trends in added health benefits, and a consumer whom are interested more than ever in leading a healthier lifestyle, the focus on proper use of Amino Acids through product fortification continue to grow ever stronger. Shanghai Freemen has the core product base of Amino Acids to help provide the strong building blocks of your products.

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The world is branching out into new fields of ingredients to find healthier solutions to existing products and there is no stronger example of this than the Sweetener industry. Shanghai Freemen has put a strong focus on the category of natural and alternative high intensity, low calorie sweeteners, meeting the demands of today’s most discerning consumers. Our investments in manufacturing and R&D give us the insight and expertise that allows you to bring your best product to market. As the Sweetener industry continues to grow Shanghai Freemen is poised to build your brands in the fields of pharmaceutical, food and beverage as well as other industries.

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With the advances in science and health leaping forward every year the need for Specialty products becomes more important every day. Shanghai Freemen Specialty portfolio can be utilized in applications for hormone therapy, sleep aids and dietary solutions just to name a few. We are always looking for the next ingredient that may help with new breakthrough sciences.

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