Market Intelligence

When you’re buying food ingredients, getting the best quality has to be top priority. But if your distributor is in China, how can you be sure?

One of the biggest differences between Shanghai Freemen and other distributors our cutting-edge market intelligence. With our headquarters in Shanghai, we are only a flight, train, or car ride away from our key manufacturing partners. We don’t just hope for the best, we actually know first-hand what is happening with raw materials and how our products are manufactured.

Here’s how our customers benefit.

Close Relationships


Although times are changing, many factories in China still operate under the traditional Chinese business style. This can cause cultural and language barriers for many European and North American distributors, but not us. Since we’re headquartered in Shanghai, we have personal, long-standing relationships with most of our manufacturers, some for as long as 20 years. Our partner factories feel comfortable working with us and value our input.

Factory Audits and Tours

Since our offices are in China and we have personal relationships with our manufacturers, we are able to conduct regular facility and product audits to ensure quality. Sometimes our customers want to come to China to see firsthand how their products are made. We routinely schedule factory tours with our customers, and would be happy to accompany you if you would like to schedule a visit.


Market Monitoring


Our customers say what they most love about working with us is the money they save from our market reporting. Since we’re in China, we generally know about material limitations or potential price increases before they happen. Informing our customers through monthly marketing reports helps them make better decisions and can save them hundreds of thousands in raw material costs.